Smart Revision Apps

Our smart revision apps help to close the continuous learning cycle especially individual and after school learning.


The apps offer a smart, objective and offline-first e-educational experience to the learner to easily and effectively revise their coursework by offering them random customized exercises for their level; keeping pace of the time taken; marking the test session; showing them where they went wrong and the explanation; and giving them insights on their progress as you keep revising with the service.


The exercises on the Miya Academy project works in partnership with a team of trained, professional and experienced teachers and evaluators who craft out quality content for the assessments.


The learner will therefore have the unique opportunity of building their academic CV as they go along and making their future career choice based on their own data (long-term results) which orientates the learner at any given time just by taking a look at the graphs of their cumulative statistics over time.


Teachers, parents, guardians and even students can now easily follow up the progress of the students at any time, anywhere.


The apps will run on devices running on android: mobile phones, tablets desktops.The apps are thus available on Play Store.


We are currently building for desktop and other mobile operating devices.